ArikA. The beginning character or character at the end A(Ah.)The various makes various smile. Managers carry out the intention of making such a thing where I was named.


Local sports organizations Stirole helps ArikA

Teen junior high school date of birth Football Association clubs Confederation football team

Currently accepting applications for next year's u-13 players (current 6th grade).
Every Friday night, conducts training workshops.

Players of the next fiscal year is cute anyway. Personality like soccer group, so stay tuned.
Practice today [watch] watch the information get (grasp) → pick to play has been training.
It is thanks to seriously participate in training, including the players for the first time today.
Activities are great big thanks to supportive parents.

Still looking for soccer-loving boy.

Players are too nice, I can't wait 4 months.

ArikA is in support of regional sport boys.
Elementary school team V.Erfolg.Seinan junior team → Stirole

ArikA with thank you. hide