ArikA. The beginning character or character at the end A(Ah.)The various makes various smile. Managers carry out the intention of making such a thing where I was named.

President greeting / history

Greetings from the Representative | President:Hidekazu Tanaka


Think ArikA [hospitality] best promote

Lifestyle is the beholder. I think of people who contribute to the countries, communities and families in Japan keep called aging, and aging shown appreciation and respect, care?
The number would improve service? Quality?
Compared to other industries and other services in the diversification of services, public long-term care insurance should be undeniable is taking up large care services.
Promotes the business designed to provide delicious, satisfying service with innovative individual long-term care services.
Should be able to provide space and time do not force seniors life of a big, happy, satisfied.
To realize such a desire, where various made by ArikA.
Think ArikA [hospitality] will continue working hard.

History | ArikA co., Ltd.


In the long-term care industry, new style