ArikA. The beginning character or character at the end A(Ah.)The various makes various smile. Managers carry out the intention of making such a thing where I was named.

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Food and beverage operations

I don't want to eat good food! → not one like that.
ArikA, dining area with good food to provide new tools for planning.
I want to eat in a small popular restaurant food, planning parties, women's and men's meeting please feel free to.
Dining plan you want, interested people, please feel free to call.

Things sales

AED, have you even if you save someone's life.
To [do-and should] is unlikely.
You can save the important person you have AED's in?
Expensive medical equipment AED is a facility or community must-haves.
ArikA will continue to strive for the spread of the AED.

ArikA co., Ltd. is a AED sales co., Ltd. medical equipment sales agent shop regular.
For detailsAED sales co., Ltd.Please visit.
Rescue the lives around you in AED.
Contact us if you come to the detailed description.
(055-939-5753 Responsible for:Tanaka)

Create a HP and HP maintenance businesses

Business smoothly and customer management and sales promotion. Create a website to meet the times.

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ArikA co., Ltd. is a home contract in JapanC co., Ltd.The Corporation dealer.
[Distributor ID:411844】
Sheets we adopted--or want to create website in a corporation?

Want to know more, anyone who wants to introduce a come to our homepage for detailed description.
(For inquiries::055-939-5753 Tanaka)

Rent a House

Towards a practical implementation is preparing emergency.
Want different once in a while, like children's birthday party at meetings, only buddies want to take a little bit. Rent a house in order to meet such needs.
Meal provided by the contract dining and drinks ready, BBQ, please contact us once.
Rental property website posted photos.
Events who are planning Secretary, surprise dating event, first by telephone contact.